How To Order

During your initial inquiry, we discuss your preference of size, shape, and style. You can look through your photographs and choose one or more to send me via e-mail. We’ll decide on the final details of the painting, and I will email you a photo of the portrait during the process so that it meets your approval. I will ship the painting only when you are completely satisfied with the final photograph of the portrait and the payment has been received.

The detail of the painting is related to the quality of the photograph, so ensure you find one that is clear, close up, and a good representation of your pet, such as a typical pose, or caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing! Extra photographs are helpful for colouring and details, and photographs can also be combined to add extra figures, and objects such as collars or leashes may be omitted.

The turnaround for a painting can be as little as three weeks, however it will depend on how many other projects are underway at that time. If the portrait is for a specific occasion such as a Birthday, Wedding or Christmas present, it’s best to let me know a few months in advance to ensure it arrives on time.